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Assessment Plans

Assessment Plans

Faculty and staff develop and maintain assessment plans for their respective undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree programs, credit-bearing certificates, and undergraduate co-curricular programs. The Liberal Education Subcommittee oversees the campus's undergraduate Liberal Education Program assessment plan. As shown in the menu, undergraduate assessment plans are provided by college and for co-curricular programs; graduate assessment plans are listed under UMD Graduate School; and the Liberal Education Program assessment plan is shown separately.

Assessment plans include:

  • Program learning outcome statements (PLOs)
  • Alignment of PLOs to campus undergraduate SLOs or graduate learning goal categories and reporting year
  • Brief descriptions of assessment measures/methods and performance indicator(s)
  • A summary of faculty/staff and stakeholder involvement and general means through which assessment information informs program improvements
  • Alignment of educational experiences to PLOs

Assessment plans are used for:

  • Communicating PLOs to current and potential students through links to majors on the UMD Academics website
  • Ensuring PLOs are assessed and reported based on the schedule stated on the plan
  • Demonstrating how credit-bearing courses contribute to student learning in curricular programs
  • Demonstrating how co-curricular programs contribute to student learning and development 

Templates for assessment plan development

     Undergraduate Program Assessment Plan Form Instructions

          Undergraduate Curricular Program Assessment Plan - Form

          Undergraduate Co-Curricular Program Assessment Plan - Form


     FileGraduate Program Assessment Plan Form