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At the University of Minnesota Duluth, fostering a climate of safety and respect is a critical campus priority. As a community of students, faculty, staff, we can only achieve our best in a campus environment that is safe, civil and inclusive. This page lists resources for UMD students, faculty and staff who have concerns. For help, use the Quick Resource phone guide on the left or contact the agencies and units below.

Confidentiality: If a reporting party would like the details of an incident to be kept confidential, the party may speak with counselors, health service providers, victim services advocates, domestic violence resources, local or state assistance agencies, or members of the clergy who are permitted by law to maintain confidentiality (except in extreme cases of immediacy of threat or danger or abuse of a minor). These sources will submit anonymous statistical information for timely warning and Clery Act purposes. Ask first!

Are You Concerned About These Issues?

Bullied or Harassed: See the Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Discriminated Against: See Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Physically Threatened or Assaulted: See Victims of Sexual Assault, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, UMD Police
Privacy Violated: See Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Racially Profiled: See UMD Police,  Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Retaliated Against: See Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Office of Student Conduct,  Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Sexual Assault: See Responding to Sexual Assault at UMD
Thinking of Self-Harm or Concerned About Wellbeing: See Employee Assistance Program,  UMD Health Services
Treated Disrespectfully or Experienced Conflict: See Employee Assistance Program, UMD Health Services
Violation of Law or Policy: See UReport


The Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
assists all UMD employees, students, and participants in University-related activities to discuss issues or concerns regarding  University policies or practices involving potential bias, discrimination, harassment or retaliation that an individual may have experienced or observed.
Equity, Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action (Board of Regents Policy
218-726-6827 | | 255 Darland Administration Building

 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
is available to all University of Minnesota benefits-eligible employees. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
612-625-2820 |  | The Sand Creek Group, Ltd., 925 E. Superior Street, Duluth

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion
collaborates with faculty, students, staff, and alumni to implement programs that support the University's commitment to inclusivity, equity and multiculturalism. In addition, the staff develops and implements programs and services that affirm and support the retention and graduation of African American, Asian/Pacific American, Latino/Chicano, International, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender students.
218-726-8444 | | Kirby Student Center, Room 270

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

(OSCCR) The Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution addresses all non-academic alleged violations of the Board of Regents Student Conduct Code. OSCCR also provides tools for individuals to peacefully and effectively resolve disputes.
Student Conduct Code (UM Board of Regents Policy)
Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Stalking and Relationship Violence (UM Board of Regents Policy) 
Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Stalking and Relationship Violence (UM Administrative Policy)
218-726-7255 | | Kirby Plaza, Room 245

UMD Health Services

is a comprehensive facility where physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses offer medical appointments, counseling, and support groups.

218-726-8155 | | 615 Niagara Court

UMD Police Department
should be contacted if you have been the victim of a crime, wish to discuss safety-related concerns, wish to report an incident of racial profiling, or wish to discuss contact you had with a member of the department.
If you need a police officer or feel fearful, call 911. All 911 calls are directed to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office for emergency dispatch.
218-726-7000 | | 287 Darland Administration Building, 1049 University Drive

If you are concerned about a possible violation of law or policy and are uncomfortable raising it through normal channels, use “UReport,” the University’s anonymous reporting service. The service is provided by Ethical Advocate, an independent company that provides similar service for hundreds of companies and universities. UReport is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.


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