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Info for Faculty

Our goal is for students to be able to:

  • Explore how their interests, skills, values, strengths, and identities impact their educational and career roadmap.
  • Engage in meaningful experiences to shape students' roadmap.
  • Design their roadmap and ways to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to employers and/or graduate or professional schools.

See the Planning Your Career section for practical action steps you can encourage students to take to achieve these goals.

Helping Your Students

What are recent UMD graduates doing?

UMD Career and Internship Services conducts an annual follow-up survey of new UMD graduates. Every year we contact graduates who received undergraduate degrees in the previous year to find out what they've been doing during their first year after graduation. Reports of our findings are posted in the Graduate Follow-up Report and also listed by major.

What is GoldPASS powered by Handshake?

GoldPASS powered by Handshake is the U of M's online database to help connect students and alumni with employers, volunteer organizations, and internships across the country.

UMD Career Handbook

The UMD Career Handbook is written and published by UMD Career and Internship Services and is free in hard copy to faculty, students and alumni. It provides a wealth of information to help students write resumes and cover letters, interview effectively and negotiate salaries, in addition to many other job search and career planning topics.

Career Counseling

Feel free to refer students to our office for individual help. They can make an appointment by calling 726-7985 or stopping in our office at 22 SCC.

Salary Information


Classroom or Club Visits

Career and Internship Services is committed to helping you incorporate career development into your work with students through classroom or student organization visits.

Faculty Meetings

In addition to conducting classroom presentations, we are eager to visit faculty or department meetings to give an overview of Career and Internship Services. To schedule a visit or for assistance in answering students' career related questions, contact our office at 218-726-7985 where you will be referred to a career professional for assistance.

Providing References

Students may ask you to serve a job reference. It is important for you to be knowledgeable about the legal implications of serving as a reference for a student. For those unfamiliar with these legal issues, the tips and web sites below offer some guidance.

Tips for Providing References

  • You are not obligated to serve as a reference for a student – if you do not feel comfortable doing so, be direct with the student and tell him or her "no."
  • If contacted by an employer to give a reference, only do so if you have written permission from the student (i.e. a signed consent form from the student, a signed application form, or a signed letter from the student).
  • Information that you share should be based on fact and your experience with the student.
  • Do not share personal information that is basis for discrimination even if you believe it might benefit the student (such as marital status, race, religion.)

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has extensive articles and guidelines to help faculty and staff understand the comprehensive legal issues involved when serving as a reference. These articles are linked below for your convenience.

Referrals to Employers

Sharing Job Postings with Students

Have you heard about a job that would be a great opportunity for students?  Simply email the position to UMD Career and Internship Services at and we will contact the employer to ensure the job is posted on GoldPASS, the job posting site for students and alumni, where it will reach the widest audience of students.

Ethical Issues

As a staff member, you may have employers contact you to request the names of quality students who can fill their open positions. In order to be compliant with the University of Minnesota’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policies, job opportunities should be shared with all students. Directing employers to GoldPASS is the most efficient way to ensure that all students will be aware of job opportunities. Once it is posted it is appropriate to encourage your top students to apply!

For more information on legal ramifications of direct referrals to employers, read The National Association of Colleges and Employers article A Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring.

Sharing Contacts

Informational interviews are a great tool for students who are learning about career options and beginning their job search. Professionals and recent graduates in the field can offer outstanding career advice and insight into a profession.

Networking is promoted by Career and Internship Services. We encourage students to make connections with faculty, staff, family and friends to meet people in their areas of interest. If a student approaches you looking for contacts in your field, we hope you will consider sharing the names of alumni or individuals in the industry who would be open to talking with a student.


View a schedule of Career Events such as job & internship fairs and employers on campus.


Information for faculty internship supervisors:

For more information and additional resources for students regarding internships, see our Internships page.