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Categories and Examples Using Action Verbs


Before: Presented to transfer students concerning university policies
After: Presented to groups of 30+ transfer students weekly for 8 weeks concerning university policies and procedures

  • Acted, Adapted, Addressed, Admitted, Advertised, Allowed, Amended, Arbitrated, Argued, Ascertained, Authored
  • Briefed
  • Clarified, Cleared Up, Closed, Communicated, Composed, Concluded
  • Confronted, Consented, Consulted, Convinced, Corresponded, Critiqued
  • Debated, Dedicated, Defined, Deliberated, Demonstrated, Drafted, Drew
  • Edited, Educated, Elicited, Entertained, Explained, Extracted
  • Fabricated, Fashioned
  • Greeted
  • Highlighted
  • Illustrated, Improvised, Indicated, Inferred, Informed, Instructed, Interpreted, Interviewed
  • Justified
  • Lectured
  • Marketed, Mediated, Moderated
  • Negotiated
  • Perceived, Persuaded, Photographed, Presented, Publicized, Published
  • Queried, Questioned, Quoted
  • Referred, Reinforced, Related, Rendered, Reported
  • Represented, Responded, Revealed, Rewrote
  • Sanctioned, Settled, Shaped, Sold, Solicited, Specified, Spoke, Stated, Submitted, Substantiated
  • Suggested, Summarized, Supplemented, Supported, Surveyed, Synthesized, Systematized
  • Taught, Tested, Transcribed, Translated, Transmitted
  • Verified
  • Welcomed, Wrote


Before: Handled customer calls
After: Handled 20-35+ customer calls per shift regarding coverage changes, renewal rates and billing procedures

  • Acted, Administered, Awarded
  • Billed, Bought, Brought
  • Carried out, Chose, Collected, Completed, Conducted
  • Displayed, Distributed, Diverted
  • Entered, Exercised, Executed, Exhibited
  • Filtered, Forwarded
  • Handled
  • Input, Installed, Insured
  • Labored
  • Merchandised
  • Operated
  • Participated, Performed, Processed, Produced, Proofed, Prospected, Proved
  • Reformed
  • Serviced, Shipped, Sold, Stocked
  • Transacted, Transferred


Before: Chaired the student Event Promotions Committee
After: Chaired student Event Promotions Committee of 12 members and presented marketing plans to an average of 50 students at weekly university senate meetings

  • Accommodated, Advocated, Advised, Aided, Alleviated, Assisted, Assured, Attended
  • Bolstered
  • Coached, Conditioned, Continued, Cooperated, Counseled
  • Dealt
  • Elevated, Enabled, Endorsed, Enhanced, Enriched, Familiarized, Helped, Interceded, Intervened
  • Mobilized, Modeled
  • Played, Polished, Prescribed, Protected, Provided
  • Rehabilitated, Rescued
  • Saved, Served, Sustained
  • Tended, Tutored
  • Validated

Getting Results

Before: Increased student participation
After: Increased student participation by 25% over a 6-month period by advertising with campus partners

  • Accomplished, Achieved, Added, Adopted, Advanced, Attained, Augmented
  • Boosted, Built
  • Combined, Completed, Consolidated, Constructed, Contributed
  • Delivered, Demonstrated, Diminished
  • Earned, Effected, Eliminated, Enlarged, Enlisted, Ensured, Excelled, Expanded, Expedited, Extended
  • Finalized, Fulfilled
  • Gained, Generated, Grew, Guaranteed
  • Hastened, Heightened
  • Improved, Increased, Innovated, Integrated, Introduced, Invented
  • Joined
  • Located
  • Orchestrated, Overcame
  • Perfected, Prevailed, Produced
  • Qualified
  • Realized, Received, Reduced (losses), Rejuvenated, Renovated, Restored, Resulted in
  • Surpassed
  • Targeted
  • Uncovered


Before: Chaired the student Event Promotions Committee
After: Chaired student Event Promotions Committee of 12 members and presented marketing plans to an average of 50 students at weekly university senate meetings

  • Accelerated, Affected, Assumed
  • Caused, Chaired, Changed, Conducted
  • Directed, Disproved
  • Elected, Employed, Empowered, Encouraged, Enlisted, Envisioned
  • Fostered, Founded
  • Governed, Guided
  • Headed, Hired
  • Influenced, Initiated, Inspired, Involved
  • Launched, Led
  • Managed, Mastered, Mentored, Minimized, Modernized, Motivated
  • Obtained, Opened, Originated
  • Piloted, Pioneered, Presided, Promoted
  • Raised, Recognized
  • Spearheaded, Stimulated, Strengthened, Supervised
  • Trained, Transformed
  • Visualized
  • Won


Before: Developed an employee training program
After: Developed and implemented a training program that resulted in a 45% increase in employee satisfaction

  • Administered, Anticipated
  • Commissioned
  • Determined, Developed, Devised, Drew up
  • Evaluated
  • Forecasted, Formulated
  • Identified
  • Observed, Obtained, Ordered,Organized
  • Planned, Prepared, Prioritized, Procured, Programmed, Proposed
  • Recruited, Rectified, Researched, Reserved, Retrieved, Revised, Routed
  • Scheduled, Secured, Strategized, Studied
  • Tailored


Before: Coordinated office schedules
After: Coordinated weekly office schedules for 8 employees

  • Acquired, Activated, Adjusted, Aligned, Allocated, Altered
  • Appointed, Arranged, Assembled, Assessed, Assigned, Authorized
  • Catalogued, Centralized, Charted, Classified, Collected, Committed
  • Confirmed, Contracted, Copied, Coordinated, Customized
  • Delegated, Designated, Designed, Dispatched
  • Established
  • Facilitated
  • Implemented, Incorporated, Instituted, Issued
  • Linked, Logged
  • Mapped
  • Organized
  • Reorganized
  • Selected, Simplified, Sorted, Sought, Straightened, Structured, Suggested
  • Tracked
  • Unified


Before: Wrote weekly inventory reports
After: Wrote an average of 10 weekly quantity reports to track inventory and invoice customers

  • Accounted for, Appraised, Approximated, Audited
  • Balanced, Budgeted
  • Calculated, Calibrated, Checked, Compiled, Compounded, Computed, Conserved, Converted, Counted
  • Dispensed, Dispersed
  • Earned, Enumerated, Estimated
  • Figured, Financed
  • Grossed
  • Increased, Inventoried, Invoiced
  • Maximized, Multiplied
  • Netted
  • Predicted, Profited, Projected, Purchased
  • Quantified
  • Rated, Reconciled, Recorded, Reduced
  • Tabulated, Totaled
  • Upgraded

Solving Problems

Before: Developed new ordering procedure
After: Streamlined ordering through the implementation of new inventory system, decreasing wait time from 6 to 2 days

  • Alleviated, Analyzed, Applied
  • Brainstormed
  • Collaborated, Conceived, Conceptualized, Crafted, Created
  • Debugged, Decided, Deciphered, Detected, Determined, Diagnosed, Dissected
  • Engineered
  • Foresaw, Formulated
  • Gathered
  • Imagined, Investigated
  • Navigated
  • Recommended, Remedied, Remodeled, Repaired, Replaced, Resolved, Revamped, Revitalized, Revived
  • Satisfied, Scouted, Sifted, Sketched, Solved, Streamlined, Surmounted, Synthesized
  • Theorized
  • Unearthed


Before: Implemented new computer filing system
After: Developed and supervised the implementation of new computer filing system that reduced paper use by 35%

  • Adjusted, Analyzed, Apportioned, Assessed
  • Certified, Compared, Controlled, Corrected, Correlated
  • Developed, Discovered
  • Enforced, Established, Examined, Explored
  • Graded
  • Indexed, Inspected
  • Judged
  • Licensed
  • Maintained, Measured, Modified, Monitored
  • Officiated, Overhauled, Oversaw
  • Policed
  • Refined, Regulated, Reviewed, Revised
  • Screened, Scrutinized, Supervised, Supplied
  • Tightened, Traced
  • Updated


Before: Worked on a PTA parent volunteer program
After: Collaborated with the PTA to design and implement a parent volunteer program increasing involvement by 50% of parents of students from underrepresented populations

  • Adapted, Administered, Advised, Aided, Anticipated, Assessed
  • Clarified, Coached, Collaborated, Collected, Communicated
  • Conducted, Coordinated, Co-taught, Critiqued
  • Decreased, Designed, Developed
  • Empowered,Enabled, Encouraged, Engaged, Evaluated, Explained
  • Facilitated, Focused
  • Guided
  • Implemented, Increased, Individualized, Informed, Initiated, Instilled, Instructed
  • Managed, Modeled, Motivated
  • Partnered, Persuaded
  • Reduced, Reflected
  • Set goals, Simulated, Stimulated
  • Taught, Tested, Tracked, Trained, Transmitted, Tutored

Adapted from the University of Iowa Pomerantz Career Center Career Guide.