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Using Facebook

Facebook is a social network that is primarily for personal use. You can also use your Facebook profile in a professional way while you are looking for a job or internship. If anything, you need to respect that there is an overlap between personal and professional lives. Facebook has the most potential to hurt you during the job or internship search. So, do your best to put forth the best presentable, honest, and professional image of yourself.

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Why Facebook?

  • Facebook is the size of a large country (actually, it's #1, followed by YouTube and China, according to Socialnomics 2018).
  • Potential employers could be using Facebook to check you out. Again, search for yourself on the internet.
  • You can learn more about companies and what it is like to work for them (more information on this a little further down the page).
  • You can communicate your personal brand, or unique message, as you do through other online profiles (i.e. LinkedIn or Twitter).
  • Caution note: connect with recruiters on LinkedIn rather than on Facebook. Overall, LinkedIn is a more professional venue for the type of one-on-one connecting and networking.
  • Use your status update to let people know where in the job search process you are and what you are looking for. Family and friends can be your strongest network…you never know who they know.
    • Conversely, be careful with what you post in status updates. Complaining about things, such as a new Facebook layout, could convey that you don’t like change and are not adaptable to new situations. Not a good thing.
  • Privacy Settings: Anything that is set to be visible to “everyone” is content that is available to be indexed by Google (and therefore searchable), and appears on your public profile. Recommended public items: your bio and links to sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or another website you want to share.

Find fan pages of companies you would like to work for in the future.

  • Like the page.
  • Links will possibly be available on the page for information that is important when conducting company research (i.e. culture, benefits, or other Human Resources information).
  • Interact with the company on their page. You can also see how companies address concerns customers post through the wall on the page.
  • Some companies have job/internship postings on their Facebook pages and other companies have entire pages dedicated to careers with them.