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Cohort 19: Program Schedule

The program requires a minimum of 30 semester credits. The following are the core program courses (24 credits). Your final project will be 4 credits. The remaining credits can be transferred in or taken as electives.


  • Cohort 19 Program advisor: Julia Williams & Diane Rauschenfels, Directors of Graduate Studies - M.Ed.


Fall 2011


  • Semester meeting dates:  September 10-11, 2011


Educ 7001– Introduction to Graduate Study
In-person meeting dates: January 22, 2011
[ 2 credits | Call number: 29943 | Section: 020 | Instructor: Randy Hyman]


  • Expectations of graduate study, including scholarly writing, online pedagogy, use of online scholarly resources. Culminates in writing of a literature review.   


Educ 7008 – Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Curriculum Theory and Design
In-person meeting dates:
[ 4 credits | Call number: 29944 | Section: 020 | Instructor: ]


  • This course is designed to study advanced learning theory,curriculum design, major critical issues in contemporary education, and develop skills in critical analysis of teaching methods and student outcomes. The course will also focus on the importance of working in the context of a professional community.


Spring 2012


  • Semester meeting dates: January 21-22, 2012


Educ 7004 – Foundation of Educational Research
In-person meeting date: January 21, 2012
[ 4 credits | Call number: 63735 | Section: 020 | Instructor: Chris Johnson]


  • Provides foundational knowledge in being a consumer of and conducting scholarly educational research. Designed to provide an orientation to existing educational research and research methods, with a focus on defining a topic, writing a problem statement, and investigating current literature and research on that topic. Includes emphasis on ethical and responsible research protocol with underlying foundations in social justice and reform.


Educ 7002 – Human Diversity and Exceptionality
In-person meeting date: January 22, 2012
[ 2 credits | Call number: 67551| Section: 020 | Instructor: Nedra Hazareesingh]


  • This course will stress the importance of diversity in educational settings, and its relevance to teaching and learning strategies, assessment, and professional community building. The concepts of privilege and power will be explored from the standpoint of the educator and his/her role in the educational setting.


Summer 2012

Electives: As needed


Fall 2012


  • Semester meeting dates: September 8-9, 2012


Educ 7009 – Assessment of Learning
In-person meeting date:
[ 3 credits | Call number: 28617| Section:020 | Instructor: Williams,Julia M.]


  • Focuses on the design and application of appropriate learning assessment strategies that consider the pedagogical intent, state, federal, and subject standards, and the diversity for all learners. Teaching theory and practice will be viewed in the context of learning assessment.


Educ 7011– Integrated Research in Practice
In-person meeting date:
[ 3 credits | Call number: 29111 | Section: 020 | Instructor:  Hyman,Randy Emerson]


  • Provides in-depth knowledge and skills in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research methodology, and is designed to guide students through the process of designing and conducting a scholarly research project.


Spring 2013


  • Semester meeting dates:


Educ 7006 – Ethics and Professionalism in Education
In-person meeting date:
[ 2 credits | Call number:  | Section: 020  | Instructor:  ]


  • This course offers a synthesis of previous courses, reviewed from the context of ethics and ethical dilemmas that touch on diversity, systems change, educators' roles, professional competencies, and leadership roles.


EHS 5990 - Research Project


  • Please contact Karen Mehle for registration information for EHS 5990.


Summer 2013

Electives: As needed