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M.Ed. Cohort Degree Requirements

The M.Ed. requires a minimum of 30 credits. The cohort program has a 24-credit core curriculum; remaining credits are electives. The sequence of the core courses is designed so courses build and rely on each other in a way that integrates content from one semester to the next. The research component of the program will build through the two years and will be structured to help cohort members complete the final project by the end of two years. Specific products at the end of each term will lead to a completed project.

At the end of:


Semester 1         Select your topic and complete a "mini" literature review

Semester 2         Write the question to be researched and complete the

                         literature review

Semester 3         Determine the research method and write a proposal and

                         submit IRB application

Semester 4         Gather data, analyze and complete the research thesis


Semester 1 Educ 7001, Introduction to Graduate Study (2)
Educ 7008, Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Curriculum Theory and Design (4)
Semester 2 Educ 7004, Educational Action Research and Inquiry (4)
Educ 7002, Human Diversity and Exceptionality (2)
Semester 3 Educ 7009, Assessment of Student Learning (3)
Educ 7011, Integrated Research in Practice (3)
Semester 4 Educ 7006, Ethics and Professionalism in Education (2)
Educ 5990, Research Project (4)


Electives are determined in consultation with the Director of graduate studies (1st year) and the graduate advisor (2nd year). All policies relating to degree requirements are detailed in the Student Handbook.

Email questions to Director of Graduate Studies: Julia Williams and Diane Rauschenfels.