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Survey of CEHSP Undergraduate Students Regarding Computer Ownership and Usage

In May 2007, we conducted a brief technology survey of undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Education and Human Service Professions: 371 respondents owned 430 computers. Here are the results.

1. Eighty percent of these undergraduate students already owned laptop computers.

80 percent already own laptops

2. Sixty-three percent owned only a laptop, 16% owned both a laptop and a desktop computer, and 1% owned two laptops.

80 percent broken pie chart, with details

3. Seventy percent of the 430 computers owned were laptops.

70% of the 430 computers owned are laptops

4. Laptops outnumbered desktop computers for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

laptops outnumber desktops for Freshmen, Sophomores, Junior and Seniors

5. The most popular computer, at all undergraduate levels, was the Windows (PC) laptop: these accounted for 64% of the 430 computers.

windows laptops were the most popular type of computer

6. Eighty-two percent owned one computer, 17% owned two computers and 1% owned no computer.

82% own one computer, 17% own 2, 1% own none

7. Only 17% of laptop owners brought their laptops to class "often" or "regularly."

61% of laptop owners rarely brought their laptop to class

8. The 371 undergraduates who responded were 30% seniors, 29% juniors, 19% sophomores and 22% freshmen.

9. Of the 371 respondents, 43% were from Education, 29% from Psychology, 22% from Health, Physical Education and Recreation, and 6% from Communication Sciences and Disorders.

respondents by department

We acknowledge the students who took the time to complete this survey. Thank you!