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Strategic Priorities

Current Priorities

Strategic Planning

UMD is currently working on a refresh of the campus strategic plan. Learn more about that and the systemwide strategic planning efforts. 

UMD Campus Climate

Core to UMD's values and priorities is ensuring a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive campus community. Everyone on campus plays a role in our campus climate, including very important commissions such as the Commission on Equity, Race, and Ethnicity, Commission for Women, Commission on Disabilities, and GLBTQA Commission

Shared Governance

Students, faculty, and staff are what make UMD successful and the shared governance model is an important way the campus community engages with the administration.

Student Representation Guidelines

Students are at the core of the University of Minnesota Duluth's mission. For this reason, students hold an important position within our campus governance at UMD. Our Campus Governance Constitution and Bylaws explicitly allocate seats to students on standing committees and subcommittees as appropriate. However, when a temporary committee is created (task force, search committee, building project, etc...) it is possible to overlook the inclusion of student representatives.

Accreditation - Higher Learning Commission

Following the Higher Learning Commission's visit in April 2018, UMD's accreditation was reaffirmed for another 10 years. In its report, the HLC review team highlighted demonstrated progress toward UMD’s strategic goal for social justice and with regard to the assessment of student learning. The team noted many examples of ways the institution has worked to make improvements in these areas and reinforced further advancements of campus efforts. An accreditation report update will occur in 2021–22.