Deaths of New Ulm Citizens and Sioux Indians


On the back side of the Pioneer Monument in front of the Brown County Courthouse, 113 names are listed of those killed during the Indian Uprising.  It states:



Defender's Monument in New Ulm


Ahern, Matthew

Barth, G. W. Otto

Belzer, ?

Bluem, John

Bluem, Mrs. John

Bluem, DTR. Margaret

Bluem, DTR. Elizabeth

Bluem, SON, Charles

Bosche, Henry

Buggert, Louis

Brown, Joseph L.

Brown, SON Jonathon

Brown, DTR Oratia

Carroll, William B.

Castor, Joseph

Dietrich, A.

Dodd, William B.

Drexler, Benedict

Edwards, A.W.

Eggensdorfer, Thereas

Emery, Joseph

England, William

Fenske, Julius

Fink, John Martin

Fink, WIFE Monica

Fink, SON Max

Gluth, Fred

Haack, Max

Haeberle, Jacob

Hartman, Florian

Henle, Martin

Henle, Anton

Henle, Mary

Henshaw, Seth

Heuyers, Carl

Heuyers, WIFE Hannah

Heuyers, SON John

Heuyers, SON Carl, Jr.

Heydrick, Mrs.

Heydrick, CHILD

Heydrick, CHILD

Huggins, Rufus

Houghton, Newell E.

Howard, Mrs. Ruth

Jackson, Philetus

Keck, Jacob

Kierschstein, Juluis

Krause, Ferdinand

Krueger, John, Sr.

Kulp, Washington

Lamb, George

Lemon, DeWitt

Loomis, Almond

Loomis, Uriah

Lusky, William

Maloney, William

Massopust, Frank

Massopust, WIFE Mary Ann

Massopust, DTR, Julia

Massopust, GRANDSON, Frank

May, Sebastian

May, WIFE Barbara

May, SON Henry

May, DTR Bertha

Merkle, Carl

Messmer, Anton

Messmer, WIFE Mary Ann

Messmer, SON Joseph

Meyer, Mathias

Michaels, John C.

Nicholson, William

Olson, Nels

Olson, Tork

Olson, Ole

Pauly, Emily

Pelzl, ?

Pelzel, Brigitta

Quane, Jerry

Rieman, August

Roepke, August

Roesser, George

Roesser, WIFE Barbara

Rohner, John

Rohner, WIFE Barbara

Rohner, CHILD

Ryan, Thomas

Senske, Leopold

Schilling, Adolph

Schneider, John

Somers, John

Smith, Luke

Steinle, Adolph

Stocker, Mrs. Joseph

Thilling, ?

Thilling, WIFE

Tomson, Jan

Tuttle, William

Whiton, Eliza

Zeller, WIFE Lucreta

Zeller, SON John

Zeller, DTR Cecillia

Zeller, SON Conrad

Zeller, SON Martin

Zettel, John

Zettel, WIFE Barbara

Zettel, DTR Elizabeth

Zettel, SON Stephan

Zettel, SON Anton

Zettel, DTR Johanna




Deaths of the Sioux


Marion P. Satterlee of Minneapolis, a member of the Minnesota Historical Society, vistied New Ulm in the early part of the 1900’s to look over the historic battle grounds of the Sioux Uprising.  He was very knowledgeable on this subject.  He believes that the number of Indians killed in the battles was very low.  He believes that only 2 were killed at Fort Ridgely, and the number is probably the same or less for New Ulm.  He claims that the largest number of Indians killed was at Wood Lake and the casualties were 16 or less.  The reason these numbers are so sketchy are because when an Indian was killed, his body was carried away or hidden from view.  This makes a count very difficult.


The only known casualty at New Ulm was with Chief Mankato, in a battle with General Sibley.  Sibley had made use of his artillery.  Chief Mankato saw the cannon ball coming and thinking it was harmless, for it was rather slow, he did not move.  The ball hit him and broke his back.  He was killed immediately.  Chief Mankato was the only major Indian leader to die as a result of the conflicts with the whites.


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