List of refugees rescued by John Other Day


Major Galbraith, wife and 3 children

Nelson Givens, wife, wife’s mother and 3 children

Noah Sinks, wife and 2 children

Henry Eschele, wife and 5 children

John Fadden, wife and 3 children

Mr. German and wife

Frederick Patoile, wife and 2 children

Mrs. Jane K. Murch

Miss Mary Charles

Miss Lizzie Sawyer

Miss Mary Daly

Miss Mary Hays

Mrs. Eleanor Cramsie

Z. Hawkins

Oscar Canfil

Mr. Hill

An artist of St. Paul

J. D. Boardman

Parker Pierce

Dr. J. L. Wakefield

And several others; mostly young men whose names are unknown



* List taken from Historical Notes: A Glimpse at New Ulm’s Past Volume 1 by Elroy E. Ubl;   page 124


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