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Find a Partner!

How can I develop a set of international partners for COIL projects?

The task of establishing a network of trusted international collaborators may seem daunting.  Several resources are now available to aid faculty in developing international partnerships, and a growing community of COIL practitioners is seeking to develop their own shared set of resources to help faculty interested in international curriculum co-development broaden the scope of their networks.

Before beginning your search for an international partner, it is helpful to review the goals of your curriculum development project.  Often the roots of your interest can provide a path to a trusted partner.  Along the way, it is helpful to consider which regions offer maximal benefit for students engaged in the comparative work your project entails.  Other practical considerations may also play a role.  Many have noted, however, that in COIL projects, what at first seemed a barrier to exchange, later revealed itself to be a valuable contribution and an opportunity for learning.

Uni Collaboration

Under related links to the left, you can click on Uni Collaboration and sign up for an account.  Uni collaboration provides tools to aid in online intercultural exchanges for university educators, including a partnership networking tool.  The task database is also worth exploring.

Other Opportunities for Partnership Development

Over the next several weeks, at least two new tools for partnership development will also come online.  Links will be posted here when they do.

Beyond partnership sites, there are several other ways to develop international partnerships.  Funding opportunities, such as the University Partnership Program, include partnering opportunities as part of their grant giving initiative.

Faculty will also find that international conferences offer excellent opportunities to connect with collaborators in related fields.  Relationships with visiting international faculty and guest speakers can also present opportunities for partnership development.