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Respondent Resource Pool

Student respondents in the conduct process may elect to have up to two advisors present during conduct meetings and hearings. Students who need assistance identifying an adviser may wish to connect with a member of the Respondent Resource Pool. When requested, members of the pool will be a supportive presence for any student who has been accused of a generally serious violation of the Student Conduct Code (this includes, but is not limited to sexual misconduct, harm to person, and high-level alcohol or drug offenses, etc). Respondent Resource Pool members are UMD staff-members who received training on the student conduct process.

The role of the Respondent Resource Pool adviser is to:

  • Meet prior to a meeting or hearing to assist with preparedness
  • Answer questions, 
  • Explain procedures, 
  • Provide silent support during meetings and hearings, 
  • Make sure the students expressed needs are being addressed during interviews and hearings,
  • Assist the student in accessing other available university resources
  • To optionally process meetings and hearings one-on-one after they conclude.

This staff member is not a representative who will speak on behalf of the student in any investigatory or adjudication process.

To be connected with a member of the Respondent Resource Pool please complete this FORM

Complainants in the student conduct process may access equitable support through WRAC.