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Important Policies

The Student Conduct Code is put in place by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents for all five System campuses.  The Duluth campus procedures for student conductsexual misconduct, and scholastic dishonesty are specific to the UMD campus and align with the Board of Regents: Resolving Alleged Student Conduct Code violations policy. 

A University assigned student email account is the University's official means of communication with all students.  

Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution maintains the privacy of student education records. Student education records shall be disclosed only to the student, to persons within the University with a legitimate educational interest, to persons authorized by the student to receive the student's education records, and to persons authorized to receive education records without the student's consent as delineated in the Board of Regents Student Education Records policy.

Additional policies frequently referenced in student conduct include, but are not limited to Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Stalking and Relationship Violence, Possession and Carrying of Weapons,  Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resource, and UMD Housing Policy.

Please visit the University of Minnesota's Policy Library for a comprehensive compilation of policies that pertain to student conduct and University operations.