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Background Checks

For parties seeking disclosure of a student conduct record: Requests must be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

For students who are completing academic or career applications: We recommend you contact us to ensure you have complete and accurate information about the contents of your student conduct record and that you be truthful in your responses. 

The University will disclose your record with a signed background release or when permitted under the University of Minnesota Student Education Records policy.

What kind of information will be reported?

Disclosures vary widely due varied nature of the questions that third parties have the potential to ask.  However, if a general request for information about a student conduct records is received, the initial disclosure will include the following information: date of incident, disciplinary offense, and sanctions completed.  An example of a typical disclosure follows:

"1/18/19 - Student Conduct Code - Subd. 11b Illegal or Unauthorized Possession or Use of Alcohol; Subd. 20 Violation of Local, State, or Federal Laws or Ordinances - Sanctions Completed: EChug and Reflection"