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Faculty/Staff Resources - Student Conduct

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to report potential violations to the Student Conduct Code to the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution (OSCCR). Everyone makes mistakes, and we believe it’s important for students to learn and grow from their mistakes. By responding to student conduct violations we can ensure that UMD is a safe environment for students to learn and grow in.

Disruptions to the Academic Environment

Students have the right to a productive and stimulating learning environment. In turn, instructors have a responsibility to nurture and maintain such an environment. Student behavior that is an obstacle to teaching and learning should be addressed.

Responding to disruptions 

  • Check with your department to see if they have specific expectations for students enrolled in their programs or certain practices for responding to disruptions
  • Meet with the student to discuss their behavior. Explain to them why their behavior is disruptive
  • Give the student an opportunity to discuss concerns that may be contributing to their behavior
  • Clearly state that behavior that disrupts the class cannot continue. If, in the meeting, they appear unwilling to modify their behavior, let them know that Disruption of the Academic Environment is part of the Student Conduct Code and continued disruptions may be referred to OSCCR. 

Consult early and often

OSCCR is committed to assisting you with problem solving. Contact us at or 218-726-7255 to discuss possible approaches including, but not limited to 1) educational conversations, 2) conflict resolution, and 3) making a report.