Departments and Programs need to update:

1) UMD Campus Directory

Faculty and Staff need to update:

2) Personal listings

Discontinued: Twin Cities All-Campus Directory


Online, all the time: UMD Campus Directory

UMD Departments and Programs can be edited throughout the year. Each August, colleges, units, and programs update their files for the coming school year.

UMD is no longer printing a paper campus directory, but all departments, programs, and personnel are required to update their listings for the online listings. A PDF of the UMD Departments and Programs (not personnel) will be available in October.

Faculty and student listings will only be available by using the "People Look-up" search tool on the UMD Homepage.

1) Departments and Programs

The PDF version is available on the Campus Directory Web Page

SUPPORT TEAM: For permission to edit, for an extension, or to add a department or program, contact Cheryl Reitan 218-726-8996, or Andy Manteuffel at 726-6927, Please don't call the Help Desk.

NOTE: the UMD directory uses the x.500 login and password of the individual making the changes.

The information you enter will be used to update the UMD on-line directory.

Step 1. On the UMD Search home page (, click on the "Department Directory" link in the center column.

Step 2. Click on "login"
Step 3. You will be asked to authenticate by typing in your umd user name log-in and password. If your log-in and password don't allow you access, contact Andy or Cheryl.
Step 4. Navigate to and view the entire listing. If all of the information is current, you do not need to do anything else.
Step 5. If changes need to be made, follow this link Edit Your UMD Campus Directory Listing

Note: In some cases multiple people are authorized to update a listing.

Deadline Extensions: contact Andy or Cheryl.

2) Personal Listings

Check your personal listing at:

This information is the data that will appear online by using the "Search for Websites and People" search tool on the UMD Homepage.

If something needs to be changed, added or deleted, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to MyU

Step 2: Enter your internet ID (X.500 username) and password

Step 3: Select the "My Info" from the left column.

Step 4: Use the pencil icon to choose the edit view.
a) ADDRESSES: Home, Mail, Diploma.
b) PHONE: Campus, Fax, Home, Campus 1
Review all the areas and make necessary changes.

The UMD Human Resources Information Form (HRIF) form should be completed to make additional changes (name change, title change).
The form is at:
The form is turned into the HR office.

For Help with Personal listings

The UMD HRIF form should be completed to make changes to name change, title change and other features.
The form is at:

The form is turned into your unit payroll representative.  The unit will route to UMD HR for processing. 

Contact Katie Roche, 218-726-8505, if you have any questions.

The Twin Cities All-Campus Directory is no longer published

All information is on-line and can be accessed by using the Search tools.

Need Help

Cheryl Reitan 218-726-8996,
Andy Manteuffel 218-726-6927,