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Environmental Temperature Standard

Procedure if forecast for the Duluth Area is calling for high temperatures close to 100 degrees

Some UMD buildings without mechanical ventilation and air conditioning may experience high temperatures above the permissible exposure limits. 

As part of administrative controls prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) a supervisor or a department has the following options (see fact sheet for further information):

  • Move the employee to a cooler or air conditioned area on campus
  • Provide additional breaks
  • Changing the work procedure to reduce the burden on the employee or to reduce the amount of work that the employee is expected to perform.
  • Allow employees to work from home.

Another strategy that some units have used in the past is the temporary adjustment of work hours.

Sending employees home is at the supervisor/department discretion, especially in cases where heat is at levels above the permissible exposure limits and all other options are not feasible.  However, the employee would need to use accrued vacation time, banked compensatory time, or time without pay.

Questions regarding Environmental Temperature Standard, contact Laura Lott, Department of Environmental Health and Safety at or 218-726-6917.

Questions regarding work hours and pay practices may be directed to Karna Kurtz, Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity at or 218-726-6326.