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Sustainability Practices

Local, sustainable, and healthy choices

UMD Land Labs often provides fresh produce featured in all UMD Dining Services’ venues.  Dining Services likes to partner with local businesses when able. We purchase coffee roasted by Duluth Coffee Company (sourced directly from farmers), and apples and apple cider from Bayfield Apple Co. in Wisconsin.  

We are always looking for local and sustainable food partnerships. If you are interested or have questions contact us at

Reducing waste

Meal planning, portion-controlled serving, and bulk ordering reduces costs & packaging waste.  Leftover food that can be donated is given to Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank, both to help people and reduce landfill waste (in 2019 alone, 13,860 pounds or 6.93 US tons of food was donated!). Aluminum, plastic, and glass are recycled, while compostable plates, coffee cups, containers, and utensils are provided in the Food Court and Northern Shores Coffee Shop.  

UMD Catering offers events with zero-waste-to-landfill by utilizing washable dishware, linen napkins, donating unused food, and composting leftover/uneaten food.