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Fresh Works Nutrition

All foods served by UMD Dining Services are produced in a common kitchen where all top 8 allergens are present. Dining Services cannot guarantee any food is allergen free.

Fresh Works Nutrition Information

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Wrap/Salad Base

Serving SizeCalorieCarbohydrateProteinSodiumFiberAllergens
Spinach Wrap12 inch2604567701Milk, Wheat, Soy
Tomato Basil Wrap12 inch2604566302Milk, Wheat, Soy
Spinach Salad2 cups1522501.5none
Romaine Salad2 cups204180none
Arcadian Blend Salad2 cups1521601none


Serving SizeCalorieCarbohydrateProteinSodiumFiberAllergens
Garlic FocacciaSide3753753851.5Milk, Wheat, Soy
Herb FocacciaSide320233.51551Milk, Wheat, Soy
Potato Chips12-15 Chips1601621351None

Protein Choices

Baked Chicken Breast (4 oz)12030235400None
Crunchy Chicken (4 oz)2651517156701Wheat, Soy
Julienned Ham (4 oz)120461610300None
Julienned Turkey (4 oz)12022236300None
Chopped Egg (4 oz)195141161600Egg
Garbanzo Beans (4 oz)16012663406None

Fresh Toppings

Serving SizeCalorieCarbohydrateProteinSodiumFiberAllergens
Shredded Cheddar Cheese2 oz2250153700Milk
Gorgonzola Cheese2 oz2002122000Milk
Grated Parmesan Cheese2 oz2502228700Milk
Fresh Veggies1 oz10-200-41502None
Croutons1/2 Cup851533000Milk, Wheat
Sunflower Seeds2 Tbsp100441252Milk, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy
Bacon Pieces (1 oz)908053250Soy


(1 Serving = 1 Scoop)

CalorieTotal FatCarbohydrateProteinSodiumAllergens
Balsamic Vinaigrette60540190Soy
Buttermilk Ranch1501620280Milk, Egg, Soy
Blue Cheese1401511230Milk, Egg, Soy
Creamy Ceasar1501611390Milk, Egg, Anchovy, Soy
Fat-free Italian251.530410Soy
Sun-Dried Tomato450100260None
Mild Buffalo Sauce (1 Tbsp)40421255Milk, Soy
Mayonnaise (1 Tbsp)100111075Egg, Soy

UMD does not have a gluten-free kitchen. While UMD takes great care in keeping some of our products gluten-free friendly, they are prepared in a common kitchen.