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Off Campus Students

Meal Plan for Off-Campus Students, Faculty & Staff

The Preferred Meal Plan allows for five meals per week, Monday - Sunday, for sixteen weeks starting at $686 per semester. No guest meals are available for this plan. However, you may use your meals to pay for guests.

*Faculty & Staff plans are taxable.

How It Works:

  • Purchase your meal plan
  • Meals are stored on your UCard
  • Bring your UCard to one of our participating venues and purchase your meal by providing the cashier with your card

To purchase your off-campus meal plan online, please click here. 

Dining Dollars

Students also have the ability to add Dining Dollars to their accounts. Dining Dollars can be used at all Dining Services areas including Superior Dining, Plaza Food Court, Center Court, and Northern Shores Coffee Shop.  Dining Dollars can also be added at any time via the UCard office.

Purchasing the Plan and Q&A

You can purchase your off-campus Meal Plan online, or visit the Ucard office (next to the TCF Bank). You may purchase the plan with cash or pay by credit card.

Who is eligible for the Off-Campus Student Meal Plan?

These meal plans are available for all students not residing in Residence-Hall Dorms or On-campus apartments and for all Faculty and Staff.

Why should I buy the off-campus plan?

It is convenient (access with your Ucard), flexible (accepted in Superior Dining, Food Court: Burger Hub, Daily Special, Fresh Works, Great Lakes Grains, Taste of Italia and Northern Shores Coffee House) and saves you money.

Where does this plan work?

The Off-Campus Meal Plan is accepted in Superior Dining, Burger Hub, Fresh Works, Great Lakes Grains, Daily Special, Taste of Italia and the Northern Shores Coffee House.

Can I buy a plan after the start of the fall semester?

Yes, you may buy a meal plan at any time. You will be charged a pro-rated price to reflect the number of weeks remaining in a semester

If I miss meals in a particular week, can I make them up the following week?

No. Meals must be consumed weekly because plans reset every Monday.