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Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are funds loaded onto a student's UCard and can be used to purchase meals at Dining Services locations including Superior Dining, the Plaza Food Court, Center Court, and Northern Shores Coffee Shop. 

All students living on-campus will receive $200 in Dining Dollars as a part of their housing contract even if they do not have a meal plan.  Off-campus students also have the ability to add Dining Dollars to their UCard.  Dining dollars associated with a housing contract expire at the end of the academic school year and do not extend into summer.

Access your Dining Dollars through your UCard

Your U Card's Dining Dollars account and Dining Services gift cards can be used at any of these great locations around campus. Simply present your U Card or gift card to the cashier for payment and the cashier will deduct the cost of your purchase. Purchases made with your Dining Dollars account are tax-free!

Add Dining Dollars to your UCard

You can add more money to your U Card two convenient ways: