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To-Go Square Meal Program

Ozzi Reusable To-Go Containers

Square Meals To-Go Program

Grab a to-go meal from Superior Dining with our new Square Meals program! Now, you can use your meal plan to carry out a meal. It’s easy! 

How does it work?

Step 1: Purchase your Square Meals container for a one-time charge of $5.

    • This fee is non-refundable.

Step 2: Visit Superior Dining with your container and ask the cashier for a Square Meal and swipe your U Card.

    • Leave your Ucard with the cashier.

Step 3: Gather a healthy Square Meal.

Step 4: Return to the cashier to claim your U Card. 

Step 5: Eat!

Step 6: Rinse out your Square Meal container.

Step 7: Repeat!

It's Convenient. It's Easy. It's Sustainable.


Q: What is a Square Meal?

A: An entrée, 2-3 sides, and dessert. (Think veggies, fruits, grains, and proteins)

Q: How often can you use it in a day?

A: No more than 3x a day.

Q: Can I share it with a friend?

A: No. This meal is for your convenience. 

Q: Do I have to clean it?

A: Rinse it out, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q: Is the container mine?

A: Yes. You bought it for $5. Just exchange it for a clean one each trip.

Q: What if it breaks or I lose it?

A: Regular wear and tear is okay, but otherwise you’ll need to purchase another container.