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Residence Halls

Residence-Hall Meal Plans

Residence-Hall and On-Campus Apartment resident Meal Plans are comprised of three distinct plans:

  • Meal Plan 1 unlimited meals per week
  • Meal Plan 2 up to 14 meals per week
  • Meal Plan 3 up to 5 meals per week (On-campus apartment residents only)

Resident-Hall students are required to purchase Meal plan 1 or 2. On-Campus Apartment residents are not required to purchase a plan. If they do choose to purchase a plan, they may choose from any of the 3 plans. 

Dining Dollars

All on-campus meal plans also include $200 Dining Dollars that can be used at all Dining Services areas including Superior Dining, Plaza Food Court, Center Court, and Northern Shores Coffee Shop.  Dining Dollars can also be added at any time via the UCard office.

Purchase of any of these plans is made through housing and built into your contract.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Students will have one full week after academic classes begin to change their meal plan. If you decide that you would like to upgrade your plan after the deadline, you may do so by contacting housing.

Where do I change my meal plan?

Lake Superior Hall Business Office located in Lake Superior Hall.

Where do these plans work?

Residence-hall meal plans can only be used in Superior Dining.

Does my meal plan transfer over on my new contract if I move from a Residence Hall to an Apartment?

No. If you would like to still have a meal plan, you would have to request that plan through housing.

To Purchase your housing meal plan, please click here