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Farm Fresh

umd farm

Supplying Fresh Produce to UMD

Sustainable, Local, Delicious, & Nutritious

Dining Services is committed to practicing sustainability by respecting our environment, and consciously purchasing local foods whenever possible. We are achieving this by going green, recycling, composting, buying local, and purchasing from the UMD Farm.


In 2011 Dining Services partnered with the Student Agriculture Project (UMD Farm). The UMD Farm is comprised of 15 acres at the UMD Research and Field Studies Center (formerly the Northeast Agricultural Experimental Station). The UMD Research and Field Studies Center originated in 1912, and was one of six University of Minnesota Agricultural Environmental Stations across Minnesota. The farm remained active through 1966, while some activities continued in to the mid 1970’s.

See a list of our current sustainability initiatives here.

Farm fresh produce

UMD Farm offers a variety of fresh, local produce.


The 15 acres that are being used today consist of a 5 acre trial seedling apple orchard, and a 10 acre organic transition farm. Over the years since the Farm’s inception, we have purchased over 38,000 pounds of produce. We are also purchasing beef patties made from local grass fed cattle, and additional fresh produce from local farms in Wrenshall and Barnum Minnesota. 

Nutritous & Delicious

Our menus during the summer and fall seasons highlight these wonderful fresh options. We have also purchased hundreds of pounds of apples and apple cider from other orchards in Minnesota and Bayfield Wisconsin.