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Employee Accommodations

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UReturn - Employee Accommodations

Welcome to UReturn!

UReturn, a division of the Disability Resource Center, is the office designated to serve all employees (including faculty and staff) with any disability or medical condition requiring accommodations or workstation adjustments. UReturn obtains and confidentially maintains medical documents, certifies eligibility for services, recommends workstation adjustments or reasonable accommodations, and develops plans for the provision of these accommodations and adjustments for employees with illness or injury. As a neutral party, Access Consultants assist employees and their supervisors in implementing appropriate accommodations/adjustments.

UReturn provides:

· Trained professionals who are available to help employees return to work quickly and safely.

· Coordination of an employee's successful return to work.

· Support, such as job analysis, ergonomic consultation, and if appropriate, accommodations.

· Confidentiality, while working with medical providers to identify options to return to work and/or maintain employment.

· On-going contact with the University throughout employee’s recovery and return to work.

To schedule a consultation or for more information please contact:

Nancy Erickson
Access Consultant
Disability Resource Center 
University of Minnesota 
Suite 170 McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street S.E.
Minneapolis MN 55455 
Toll free: 855-458-2629
Office: 612-624-3505 
Fax: 612-625-5572


Download Brochures

UReturn has created two printable brochures that provide information about the UReturn services and Early Intervention Programs available at the University of Minnesota.

They also have a Supervisor's Guide that is helpful as well.