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Programs & Points


Let us support you on your path to wellbeing!

Choose from a variety of options to enhance your personal wellbeing while earning points.  

Please note that by clicking some links in the table below, you'll be directed to log into your RedBrick Health Portal.

RedBrick Health 

Log in to the RedBrick Health Portal 

Instructions to set up Spouse Redbrick Health Portal 

For Questions call the RedBrick Health Helpline: 1-844-724-8636

To discuss options or for questions regarding wellbeing points options, please contact the UMD Employee Health & Wellbeing Center ( or 218-786-6700).  We can help you find a meaningful way to meet your point goal.




 AssessmentsRedBrick® Health Assessment 
100 points
Biometric Health Screening150 points
Next Steps Consult® 50 points
PledgesAnnual Flu Shot 25 points
Non-Tobacco User 25 points
Wellbeing My Way 25 points each (125 points max)
Advance Care Directive (Honoring Choices)25 points
Tracking and ChallengesRedBrick Track® 1 point/day (150 points max)
Bike Commuter (one scan/day)2 points/day (250 points max)
Fit Choices by Medica (must enroll with qualified gym)2 points/day you go to gym (250 points max)
Challenges (1-2 per year)  75 points/challenge (150 points max)
Manage Your HealthJourneys® (4-6 weeks average per Journey)2 points/step completed, 25 point bonus per Journey completed (200 points max)
Healthy Pregnancy  25 points/call (250 points max)
Coaching and SupportRedBrick Phone Coaching  25 points/call (250 points max)
Face-to-Face Health Coaching (Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, or both)25 points/meeting (250 points max)
Group Coaching 25 points/session (250 points max)
Medication Therapy Management 50 points/meeting (150 points max)
Specialty Therapy Management50 points/meeting (200 points max)
University ClassesUniversity Fitness Class (employee only class)75 points when you purchase an 8 week pass (225 points max)
University Group Fitness Pass (purchase semester and/or summer pass)50 points per semester or summer pass purchased (150 point max)
Mindfulness at Work* (Online, complete 5 of 6 sessions)150 points
Cooking for Wellness-The Basics*50 points/class 
Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy (4 sessions)100 points if you complete all four (90 minute) sessions

*These programs are no longer eligible for reimbursement

Log in to the RedBrick Health Portal 

Wellbeing Program

The University has a goal to support your physical, emotional, financial, and social health.  

The Wellbeing Program helps you:

  • Save more money on your annual UPlan rates in 2021

  • Try new offerings to support your overall wellbeing

What is My Wellbeing Points Goal?

Your Wellbeing Points requirement depends on which type of UPlan coverage you selected:

UPlan Coverage Type
Wellbeing Points Requirement (Must completed by Aug 31st, 2020)
500 Points to save $500 starting in 2021
Employee & Children 
500 Points to save $500 starting in 2021
Employee & Spouse (With or Without Children)
750 Points to save $750 starting in 2021 (spouse can earn up to 250 points)

**Note:  The UPlan rate reduction you get through the Wellbeing Program will reflect in your 2021 paychecks over 26 pay periods.