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Wellbeing Collaborative

With an active interest in the wellbeing of the UMD community, the individuals contributing to the UMD Wellbeing Collaborative represent numerous units from across campus. The group strives to fulfill its mission to transform campus and community culture by bringing together individuals to collaborate on initiatives that support whole person wellbeing. Read more about our Vision, Mission, Values & Goals 

Wellbeing Model

We believe that wellbeing is not just—or even primarily—about physical health. Rather, wellbeing is about finding balance in body, mind, and spirit. In this state, we feel content, connected, energized, resilient and safe. 

 health, relationships, security, purpose, community, and environment

Wellbeing model by Mary Jo Kreitzer, RN, PhD, FAAN

Director, Center for Spirituality & Healing

Our model of wellbeing was created by Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer, Director of the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota.  In her extensive work and research around integrative health and healing, Dr. Kreitzer identified six dimensions that contribute to wellbeing: health, relationships, security, purpose, community, and environment.

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