Campus Services:

·         UMD Housing

·         UMD Recreational Sports and Outdoor Program (RSOP)

·         UMD Sustainability

·         UMD University for Seniors

Student Services:

·         Student Life

·         UMD Stores

·         UMD Health Services

·         UMD Health Education Resource Office (HERO)

·         UMD Multicultural Center

·         UMD Disability Resources

Employee Services:

·         UMD Employee Health & Wellbeing Center

·         UMD Office of Environmental Health and Safety

·         Human Resources

Academic Programs:

·         UMD College of Pharmacy

·         UMD School of Medicine

·         Department of Applied Human Sciences

·         UMD Health Care Management Program

·         UMD Psychology Department

·         UMD Education Department

Nutrition - Healthy Options on Campus:

·         University Dining Services

·         UMD Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP)

Tobacco Free Initiatives:

·    Breathefree UMD