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Transfer of Undergraduate Credit

Transfer of Undergraduate Credit

Effective: September 1, 2011
Last Updated: Approved by EPC March 30, 2011; approved by Campus Assembly April 12, 2011; revision approved by Teaching & Learning committee 11-5-14; approved by EVCAA 12-15-14
Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

1. Institutions from which credit is transferred must have regional accreditation in order for their courses to be considered for transfer to the University. 

2. Courses that are eligible for acceptance in transfer to UMD may transfer as direct course equivalent credit (e.g., Hist 1304), elective credit (e.g., Hist 1xxx), or undesignated elective credit (e.g., Tran 1xxx). Transferred college-level credits that do not have direct course equivalents at UMD may count toward liberal education requirements or toward total credits.

3. UMD does not accept remedial or non-credit-bearing courses for transfer.

4. Academic departments may determine whether transfer electives satisfy specific program curricular requirements. The applicability of transfer credit toward the Liberal Education Program is determined by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education.

5. The University will accept transfer courses with a D grade or higher.

6. Students may initiate a Transfer Course Evaluation (TCE) request for any course not listed in Transferology..

7. Students who transfer to the University with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree or who have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) will have fulfilled the University’s entire Liberal Education Program requirement.  Courses at the transfer institution used to complete the AA or MnTC do not necessarily transfer as equivalent UMD courses.