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Aerial view of Glensheen mansion

Your gift helps us keep Glensheen grand.

Why does Glensheen need support? Because inspiration matters.

Since Glensheen opened to the public 35 years ago, more than 2-million visitors have walked through the mansion’s grand front hall. Great houses begin with great stories, and these stories must be told or they will be lost. Chester Congdon left behind a legacy that endures, despite his humble beginnings. His inspiring story, along with the history of Minnesota, come alive at Glensheen.

When the home was built in 1908, the estate was a highlight for Minnesota. It showcased some of the state’s best artisans and engineers from architect Clarence H. Johnston to interior designer John Bradstreet. Today, Glensheen preserves the work of some of brightest and most creative individuals in Minnesota history.

Sadly, after enduring for more than a hundred years, repairs are needed to bring Glensheen back to its original vision. Last year, we were fortunate to complete more than $3 million in significant repairs to the estate’s external features. These repairs will stand for another century, and will be enjoyed by future generations.

There is still work to be done though. We need your support to help us bring the estate back to the brilliance of what it once was. Consider donating this season.