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Study Abroad

A sunset on a dock in Thaliand

Expand Horizons

Scholarships support adventurous UMD students who wish to study outside of the United States.

You can help provide scholarships and aid in program development within the Study Abroad at UMD.

Lexi Weihe with leaf that states "#UMD Study Abroad"

“Traveling to Belize with a group will help me become more comfortable traveling to even more new countries, which is an aspiration of mine. The Belize culture and conservation study abroad program will allow me to grow as a student and a professional while immersing myself in a new culture.” -Lexi Weihe

Your donation will:

  • Help support the Study Abroad mission

  • Benefit students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study abroad

  • Assist students in gaining an international perspective that will prepare them to be informed decision-makers in the global environment

  • Contribute to students’ global awareness to issues such as the environment, social justice, healthcare, and cross-cultural understanding

  • Aid in program development funds to create new learning opportunities abroad

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