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Interdisciplinary Initiatives

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The Graduate School sponsors the following programming events and initiatives to promote interactions among campus community members in different disciplines.

GRAD Talks

GRAD Talks are short presentations that occur in an informal conversational setting and allow graduate students to present their research to the broader university community. The Graduate School and the Kathryn A. Martin Library co-sponsor these events to foster interactions among faculty and grad students in disparate disciplines that could grow into meaningful new transdisciplinary collaborations. 

Spring 2020

  • March 3 - "I Know You're Paying Attention:  Gaze Tracking with Heat Maps puts Vision into Action" Presented by David Bohil, Claire Bieganek, and Cheyenne Bielmeier, Communication Sciences and Disorders MA Candidates   -Add to my calendar
  • March 31 - Rebekah Erdman, Music MM Candidate   -Add to my calendar - canceled
  • April 7 - Riley Pizza, Integrated Biosciences MS Candidate   -Add to my calendar - canceled
  • April 14 - Peter Jones, Chemistry MS Candidate   -Add to my calendar - canceled
  • April 28 - Jeremy Blanco, MEEd Candidate | Add to my calendar

Fall 2019

  • September 10 - Justin Verde, Physics MS Candidate 
  • October 31 - Conor Ronayne, Integrated Biosciences PhD Candidate
  • November 19 - Alejandro Fernandez, Geological Sciences MS Candidate

3MT at UMD

The 3-Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a research communication competition that challenges graduate students to communicate the significance of their independent projects without the use of props or industry jargon, in just three minutes. The exercise develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills and enhances the capacity of research students to explain their work to a non-specialist audience and to leave their audience wanting to know more.

Graduate Student Association

The student representatives to the UMD Graduate Programs Committee are also the leaders of the Graduate Student Association at UMD. The Grad Student Association hosts socials and activities that allow students to meet others from programs outside of their own, as well as give them the opportunity to share their experiences as graduate students at UMD.

Your student representatives are Susan Zinno (Psychology), Srijita Bhattacharjee (Electrical Engineering), and Jeffrey McVay (Chemistry). You can reach them through the Bulldog Link.

If you're interested in learning more about any of these initiatives, please contact the UMD Graduate School Office at for more information.