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Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol Overdose and Medical Amnesty

The University of Minnesota Duluth values the safety and well-being of their students and has implemented an alcohol-related emergency protocol. Alcohol overdose can be life threatening, and students are expected to take responsible action to obtain medical assistance for those in need. The following information relates to this protocol:

Students will be educated on the symptoms and severity of alcohol overdose and encouraged to call 911 when an alcohol overdose is suspected. UMD students will be involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of this education.

A state statute, medical amnesty, was enacted in August 2013 that provides immunity for underage consumption or possession of alcohol for a person contacting 911 to seek assistance for an incapacitated individual. The person who receives medical assistance will also be immune from prosecution for underage drinking.  The law also extends to 1-2 other individuals assisting on site in the situation.  The law also requires the caller to:  give their full name, stay with the incapacitated individual until help arrives, and cooperate with emergency responders and law enforcement. 


Signs of Alcohol Overdose

  • Appears unconscious
  • Won't wake up
  • Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin
  • Slow or irregular breathing
  • Vomiting while sleeping or passed out

What To Do

  • Turn the person on thier side
  • Dial 911, get medical help
  • Stay with the person

Alcohol or Cannabis Self-Assessments  

Alcohol Education Courses

Alcohol and College Life – one credit online elective.  Listed under Hlth 1400 for full and partial semester option.

Seeking Support

BASICS – one on one meeting with the Chemical Health Educator
CLEAN - Recovery fellowship services for traditional age college students throughout the Duluth/Superior region
AA meetings – held weekly on campus during the academic year.  Contact the Kirby Info Desk for current locations and times (218) 726-7163
Substance use assessments & Recovery Resources

Resources and Information for parents 

Parent brochure and UMD specific statistics on substance use