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Smoking, Vaping & Tobacco Cessation

UMD Health Services Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco Cessation Services

Smoking, vaping and tobacco cessation services are available to UMD Students through Health Services. One of our medical staff will work with you to provide an individualized approach to quitting. They will also be there for follow-up care and relapse prevention.

To schedule an appointment, call UMD Health Services at (218) 726-8155.

If you would like more information about smoking, vaping, and tobacco cessation, please refer to the following resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website provides smoking, vaping, tobacco and quitting information, publications, research, data and reports.

For the newest information on vaping illness, see this webpage.

Essentia Health Tobacco-free Services

Essentia Health employs certified cessation specialists that will meet with you and help you develop a personalized plan. Follow-up visits will be tailored to help you meet your goals. Essentia Health can also provide you with a two-week supply of over-the-counter quitting products at each visit, up to 8 weeks/year, at a $5 handling fee per order.

Essentia Health - St. Mary's Medical Center
400 East Third Street
Duluth, MN 55805

American Lung Association

The American Lung Association offers a self-help program. Their website has an online chat group for adults who are trying to quit.



QUITPLAN offers telephone-based counseling for people without access through their health insurance plan. They also offer an online support group.


American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society offers assistance by telephone to find quitting resources in your area. Their website provides information about quitting smoking and smokeless tobacco.


National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute website provides information about tobacco, quitting and prevention, clinical trials, research, literature, and statistics.