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Homecoming week is October 19-23

To help keep UMD students, faculty, staff, and community members safe and healthy this fall, we will not hold any in-person activities for Homecoming this fall. Instead, we are preparing a week of virtual events that will give you an inside look at a variety of places at UMD. Below is a list of some of the activities we have planned for Homecoming Week, October 19-23. Click on the tabs above to navigate through the Homecoming week!

Learn more about Visit a Class 

This year during Homecoming week (Oct. 19-23), alumni are invited back to class! Professors are opening their (virtual) doors to alumni guests during the week of Homecoming to provide a glimpse of what students are learning in a variety of disciplines.

Choose one or more classes to participate in during Homecoming week by navigating through the schedule tabs above  and learn more information about the class and RSVP. All guests will receive email instructions on how to join their class via Zoom. Please note: these are active classes for UMD students. Respectful participation by guests is welcome!

Questions about attending a virtual class during Homecoming week? Contact Alumni Relations at for more information.

List of Homecoming Activities & Events

(Please click the hyperlinks below to learn more about the events on that specific day).

Monday, October 19

12:00-1:00pm ( CT) Virtual Bulldogs Behind the Scenes: UMD Music Department

12:00-1:55pm (CT) Visit a Class | ART 4922: Senior Design Studio

Tuesday, October 20

12:00-1:00pm (CT) Virtual Bulldogs Behind the Scenes: Romano Gymnasium

2:00-3:15pm (CT)  Visit a Class | PHILOSOPHY: Ethics & Society

Wednesday, October 21

8:30-10:00am (CT) Visit a Class | ENGLISH 3501: British Literature 1

11:00am-1:00pm (CT) Visit a Class | ENGLISH 2535: The Bible in Literature, History and Art

12:00-1:00pm (CT) Virtual Bulldogs Behind the Scenes: A Brief History of Campus Building Names

1:00-1:50pm (CT) Visit a Class | GEOGRAPHY & PHILOSOPHY: Values and Technology

2:00-3:15pm (CT) Visit a Class | ART: Senior Seminar II

3:00-5:00pm (CT) Visit a Class | SPANISH 3044: Cultures & Communities of Spain (Taught in Spanish)

Thursday, October 22

2:00-3:15pm (CT) CULTURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1001: Introduction to Culture Industries and Creative Economy

4:00-5:15pm (CT) Visit a Class | Women's Studies 3100: Feminist Thought

Resiliency Webchats | Episode 2 with Dr. Lisa Erwin and special guest Mick McComber

Friday, October 23

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