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Cable TV

UMD Housing & Residence Life provides digital cable throughout all of our facilities, included as part of your housing package.  

What TV channels are included?
Approximately 90 channels are included in the UMD Housing Cable TV service, including premium channels and local TV stations from the Duluth/Superior market.  Explore the channels through the complete Cable TV lineup. 

How do I set up my TV when I arrive on campus?
All TVs will require you to program them when you set them up on campus.  This is typically a feature through the on-screen menus on TVs - usually called "auto-program" or "channel scan".  You'll also want to be sure that your TV is set to "Cable", and not the "Air" or "Antenae" setting.  Programming your TV can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the model of your TV.

How can I tell if my TV is compatible with the Cable TV system?
Our cable TV system utilizes QAM technology to digitally distribute the cable service.  Analog TVs that are older than 5 years may require a QAM-compliant converter to receive the signal.  Most Digital TVs are compliant with QAM, but some off-brand TVs, such as "Element" or "Westinghouse" may not be compatible without an additional tuner.  If purchasing a new TV, review the technical specifications to ensure the tuner is QAM-compliant.