Form I-20

All the information on your I-20 must be correct and up to date at all times.  You must notify ISS if any of the information on your I-20 changes, such as your major, source of funding, level of study, etc.  

If you graduate before the program end date indicated on your I-20, you are considered to have completed your program of study and your I-20 is no longer valid.  Students who have completed their program of study have a 60-day grace period in which to leave the U.S., transfer to another U.S. school, apply for Optional Practical Training work permission, or change to another immigration status.

I-20 DOs and DON'Ts


  • Keep all of your I-20s.

  • Check to make sure the travel signature on page 2 is valid before leaving the U.S.

    • **Signed within 12 months of re-entry

    • **Signed within 6 months for students engaged in Optional Practical Training (OPT).

  • Contact ISS any time you have made a change to your situation (change of major, finances, etc.). You will need an updated I-20.

  • Give ISS copies of any new government documents you receive (passport, visa, etc.)


  • Lose your I-20s.

  • Travel outside the U.S. without an up-to-date travel signature.

  • Wait until the last minute to request new documents or resolve problems.

  • You will be responsible for arranging express mailing of replacement I-20s. The average charge for sending overseas by Federal Express is $60-$100. 

Document processing takes time.  Please plan ahead as much as possible.

Designated School Officials (DSO) are the only people who can sign your I-20.  Your I-20 form can be endorsed by the following staff members:

  • Anna Gilmore, International Student Advisor

    • 237 Kirby Student Center

  • Susana Pelayo Woodward, Director, Office of Cultural Diversity

    • 233 Kirby Student Center