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**All international students who were present in the U.S. in 2019 are required to file taxes. This includes students who did not earn U.S. income and scholarships.**

*F-1 students should not use software such as TurboTax, H&R Block, etc. These are for residents. If you use these to file your taxes, you will be filing incorrectly and could be subject to penalties from the IRS as well as jeopardize your legal status*

COVID-19 Update: Federal and Minnesota State Tax Filing Deadlines have been extended this year, and are due on July 15th, 2020.   If you lived in a state other than MN, be sure to check the filing deadlines for that state. 

Tax Sessions

ISS tax sessions have been cancelled this spring.  If you had previously signed up for the ISS Income Tax session that was supposed to happen on March 28,  VITA volunteers have been or should be in touch with you to assist you.    If you had NO income or scholarships in 2019, OR if you had NOT signed up for our income tax session yet, please sign up below to receive information about how to file your taxes below.  ISS will email you links and basic instructions. 

Note that ISS staff are not tax experts, and we are not qualified or allowed to give tax advice. 

No Income or Scholarships in 2019 Sign up here for information.  (Sign up here if you had NO income or scholarships in 2019).

Income or Scholarships in 2019:  Sign up here for information.  (Sign up here if you HAD income or scholarships in 2019).

Again, if you had signed up before spring break to attend our income tax clinic a VITA volunteer will be in touch with you.   Please only sign up for income tax information if you had not already signed up for the income tax session. 

MN Property Tax Refund Returns

You are not required to submit a property tax refund return. However, you may be eligible for a refund (you never owe money for this type of return).

MN Property Tax Return Session


Eligibility for Property Tax Refund

  • You must have been in Minnesota for 183 days or more in 2019 (approximately 6 months)
  • You must NOT receive 50% or more of your financial support from your family
  • Your gross income must be more than $3,900
  • Must have lived off-campus in an apartment or house with cooking and bathing facilities. You must have a Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) from your landlord.

Missing your W-2 or 1042-S?

If you have U.S.-based income or scholarships, you should have received a W-2 and/or a 1042-S (fellowship earnings or regular wages covered under a tax treaty). You cannot complete your taxes without these documents if you have U.S.-based income or scholarships.

If you are employed by UMD:

  • Check to make sure that your "home/permanent address" is listed as your Duluth address. If not, please update your address.

  • W-2 Replacement: Click here for instructions on getting your W-2.

  • 1042-S Replacement: You must complete the Request for Duplicate 1042-S form and email it to Payroll Services ( in Minneapolis.

If you are employed outside of UMD and have not received these documents yet, you should tell your employer and ask them to help you get a replacement.