Rare and Unusual Items in the Collection

In the display cases may be seen some of the more unusual items which are part of the Ramseyer Bible Collection. The Rev. Henry Ramseyer collected these items to illustrate the work of the many societies and individuals who were, and still are, engaged in the work of providing Scriptures to all who need them, in their own language. He also collected items which illustrate the craft of printing and publication, which historically made such a difference in the ability of translators to make Scriptures available to many more people.

Aztec Lectionary

The Aztec language, the ancient language of Mexico, is still spoken in various dialects in Mexico and in the southwestern United States. This lectionary, which is in parallel columns of Latin and Aztec, was published in Milan in 1858. A lectionary is a compilation of the liturgical readings for Sundays and feast days throughout the year.

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