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Vision & Mission


The Office of Diversity & Inclusion collaborates with students, staff, faculty, alumnx, and community partners to implement programs and services that support the University’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and social justice. In addition, the Office of Cultural Diversity staff develops and implements programs and services that affirm and support the retention and graduation of African American, Asian/Pacific American, Latino/Chicano, International, and queer and trans+/gender non-conforming students.  


A campus free of oppression.


Engagement - We actively collaborate with students, staff, faculty, alumnx, and community partners in the advancement of equity, diversity and social justice initiatives.

Student centered - We place students at the heart of all we do.

Inclusiveness - We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of individuals, perspectives, and ideas while promoting social justice.

Learning - We engage students in opportunities that promote and support their growth, development, and well-being.

Sustainability - We contribute to a sustainable future and model sustainable practices.

Humility - We promote admittance of one’s own limitations, embracing one’s various areas of growth, and striving toward continuous improvement.