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Promoting Heart-Felt Restorative Dialogue

Since 1994

We have moved our base of operations to the University of Minnesota Duluth, under the directorship of Dr. Emily Gaarder. We offer research, consultation, and training for restorative practitioners and programs worldwide. Contact us at or 218.726.7094.


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Introductory Workshop on Peacebuilding Dialogue

On Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 19th, the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking will offer an introductory workshop on restorative dialogue at the First Lutheran Church, 1100 East Superior Street, Duluth, MN. Cost is $100 regular; $50 student (fully refundable if workshop is rescheduled due to COVID-19). For details see our workshop flyer.

This two-day workshop includes an introduction to the values and practices of restorative justice, along with an overview of a facilitator's role and skill-set. Participants will experience both circle and conference dialogue models for situations of harm, and learn how they can be adapted to family, workplace, school, and criminal justice settings. When healing and accountability weave together, people can speak and listen from the heart, be heard by others, and find a way to move forward in life.


For more information contact Debbie Rose ( or 218-726-8163)

Peace Poster

The phrase, "No Justice, No Peace" has become a rallying cry during the protests of our current and challenging summer of 2020.  Ted Lewis explores the various meanings as well as the origins of the phrase, relating the topic to Martin Luther King Jr.'s perspective on seeking justice and peace through civil protest. But how does restorative justice relate to this topic and inform how we think about the relationship between justice and peace?  Read more

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RJ during COVID-19

The COVID19 pandemic has limited our ability to be physically present with one another. Consequently, many people are seeking ways to continue relational work by other means—other than being in the same physical space. Kay Pranis shares ideas for how to conduct online support circles, in this free resource guide. 
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Center Partners with Brasilia Program

In July 2019, Mark Umbreit spent a week in Brasilia, Brazil, to advance the growth of restorative dialogue. In partnership with Judge Catarina Corrêa of the 2ª Vara Criminal e 2º Juizado Especial Criminal de Planaltina/DF in Brasilia, Dr. Umbreit presented to a wide group of justice workers to seed the expansion of victim offender conferencing in the region. In November 2019, Ted Lewis spent three weeks in Brasilia, providing advanced training for 15 facilitators in the program, and also meeting with a variety of government stakeholders regarding the promotion of restorative justice in Brazil. To read more, and to read about the program in Portuguese, view these resources.

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