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Zoom Photo of a Handful of Members

UMD Student Association

The official voice of the student body.

The 2021 Spring Elections are finally here! Use your voice and join the crew or prepare to vote!

What is UMDSA?

Student Association (UMDSA) is the official voice of the student body. It has the responsibility to advocate student concerns, needs, desires, and opinions across campus through the media, administration, and committees involved in policymaking. Student Association is the easiest way for students to connect with the UMD Administration!


2021 Spring Elections are upon us! You can learn about how to get involved by clicking this link HERE

SOG funds have been allocated for the 2020-2021 academic calendar and can be viewed HERE 

The UMDSA Office on the UMD Campus temporarily limited to 4 persons at a time until further notice. We are continuing our efforts to serve the student body! You can still set up a meeting with our representatives digitally (via Zoom, Google Hangout, phone call, etc) by emailing our representatives! Click here to view all representatives!

If you would like to add an Agenda Item (Report/Resolution/Discussion Item) to the upcoming congressional meeting, please click HERE (Soon to move to related links)