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UMD General Classroom Food and Drink Policy

Date 6/7/04

Food is not allowed in general purpose classrooms for special events without the authorization from UMD Facilities Management.  Upon approval for food use in general purpose classrooms, it will be the event sponsor’s responsibility to assure that the food material is disposed of properly.  All food garbage must be emptied into plastic garbage bags which will be disposed of by custodial service. University CUFS# is required at the time a room reservation is requested for all events which include food.  The CUFS account will be charged at university rate for events which fail to dispose of food waste properly or for events with excessive amounts of food debris.

Drink in general purpose classrooms is allowed.  Drink must be in a covered, twist off top container.  Cans are not allowed because of spilling.  Additionally, colored drinks are not allowed in carpeted areas because of staining.  Alcohol is allowed with proper authorization. (see alcohol policy)

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