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Event Scheduling Space Reservation Request

University of Minnesota Duluth Furniture/
Audio Visual Equipment and Event Policy

Date 6/7/04

General purpose classrooms may include furniture and audio visual equipment. If your event is located in a space that has furniture in it, it may be desirable for the event to have the furniture rearranged.  Your event may also wish to use fixed AV equipment or use portable AV equipment.  To protect the assets of the University please follow the following guidelines:

The following items of furniture must be moved by UMD Event Scheduling: tables, sofas, lounge chairs, coffee tables, and other large furniture items.  A CUFS# or invoicing information must be provided to UMD Events at the time of room reservation. 

Items such as tablet chairs or folding chairs may be moved by the event, but must be replaced to a classroom setting immediately after the event ends.

Some audio visual equipment is fixed in rooms.  Please see the technology user guide to locate what equipment is fixed in general purpose classrooms.  It is the event sponsor’s responsibility to protect the equipment it uses and will be subject to replacing any damaged equipment or costs associated with fixing equipment. 

If audio visual equipment is not fixed in a room, arrangements can be made to bring in portable equipment.  It is the event sponsor’s responsibility to provide the request for audio visual needs a minimum of 2 work days in advance of the event.  When using portable equipment, it is the event sponsor’s responsibility to secure the audio visual equipment after its event.  Arrangements for securing the equipment will be made during the event planning process with a UMD event planner.   

Failure to follow the Furniture/Audio visual and Event Policy may result in denial of future reservation requests and/or damage/replacement charges.

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