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Windows 7 and 8 Read&Write Gold Download and Installation Instructions

The Campus Accessible Technology Team has purchased a Read&Write Gold (R&WG) site license. All UMD students, faculty, and staff may download a "Take Home" version for their personal computers.

System Requirements

1. Open Firefox

Begin by opening Firefox. Using a browser other than Firefox may result in your experience differing from these instructions.

2. Make Sure You Have Adobe Reader as Your Default Reader

3. Download the Read&Write Gold Zip Setup File

You will need to be authenticated to UMD to download Read&Write Gold. If you are not already authenticated to UMD, the "Sign In" page will appear when you attempt to download the program. Sign in using your UMD Internet ID and password.

To start the download click or select:

An "Opening" dialog box will appear. Select the "Save File" option and click "OK".

Screenshot: Opening dialog box

A zip file named "Setup" should save on your computer, usually in the downloads directory.

Screenshot: Downloads Directory

4. Double click the downloaded Setup Zip file

Screenshot: Setup Zip Compressed File

The Setup zip file should unpack itself into two files. One is "Setup" with the type of "Application". The other is "Setup" with the type of "Configuration settings".

5. Double click the "Setup" Application file

Screenshot: Setup Zip Application File

A "User Account Control" dialog box will appear. It will ask,

"Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? Program name: Text_Systems"

Select "Yes"

A "Windows Installer" dialog box will open. Select "Continue".

6. Windows Installer will prepare and install the program

Screenshot: Windows Installer dialog box

Wait while Windows configures Read And Write 11. This may take a while. Be patient.

Screenshot: Please wait dialog box. Time remaining 1 minute.

After the configuration is complete a Read&Write 11 shortcut icon will appear on the desktop.

7. Click the shortcut icon on your desktop

Read and Write 11 Shortcut Icon

Note: You must have internet access the first time that you attempt to launch Read&Write. An activation dialog box will open.

8. Select "Activate"

You do not need to enter anything in this dialog box. No serial number or activation code is needed.

Screenshot: Read and Write Activation dialog box

You will receive an activation was successful message.

9. Select "OK."

Screenshot: Read and Write Activation dialog box stating: Activation was successful.

10. Your Read&Write 11 GOLD toolbar should appear

Screenshot of the Read and Write Gold 11 toolbar showing nine icons

If it doesn't appear or you need help, call or stop by the ITSS TechCenter Help Desk (218-726-8847, Kirby Plaza 165).

For a tour of the toolbar watch the Toolbar Video.

11. Enjoy using Read&Write GOLD!

For further information regarding using Read&Write, please visit the list of training guides, videos, and webinars.