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Plan Development

Updating UMD's Strategic Plan

Spring 2017 - Data Collection

Fall 2017 - Draft Review and Additional Input

The Chancellor and Vice Chancellors reviewed data from the Spring 2017 collection processes and presented an initial draft of the updated Strategic Plan to the Strategic Planning and Budget (SPB) Committee for input on October 2, 2017. Subsequent drafts were reviewed by SPB as well as the Chancellor’s Leadership Council, senior leadership team, Council of Deans and Academic Administrators, the Council of Student Life Directors, the UMD Student Association, Faculty Senate, and the Chancellor’s Advisory Board. Based on campus constituency input, the Chancellor approved the updated vision, values, and goals in December 2017 to set the foundation for developing initiatives and measures during Spring 2018.

Spring 2018 - Development of Initiatives 

The EVCAA coordinated the initiative development process by identifying key items that emerged from the spring 2017 open forums and by seeking input from groups and individuals across campus. Initiatives were provided by members of the Chancellor's Leadership Council; the Council of Deans and Academic Administrators; the Council of Student Life Directors; Faculty Senate; the Graduate Programs Committee; the Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Subcommittee; and the Campus Change Team. The Strategic Planning and Budget Committee endorsed the list of initiatives on April 27, 2018.  

2018-19 - Ideas for Objectives & KPIs 

Progress on the Strategic Plan update process was deliberately slowed while the University of Minnesota Presidential search was conducted. During the year, the Strategic Planning & Budget Committee recommended a diverse set of groups across campus to provide ideas for campus-level objectives and key performance indicators. In addition to many of these groups providing input, Vice Chancellor units and other groups submitted ideas as well.  

2019-20 - Review of Objectives & KPIs 

The Chancellor presented a draft set of campus objectives and key performance indicators for comment. The process was interrupted by COVID-19 emergency responses during spring 2020.

2020-21 - Integration with MPACT 

The University of Minnesota System's Strategic Plan called MPACT with commitments, goals, action items, and measures was made available for comment October 2020. Because UMD's plan will roll up into MPACT, UMD will begin the integration process in spring 2021 after the Board of Regents has reviewed and approved MPACT.