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Spring Elections

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UMD 2020 Election applications are OPEN

Spring Elections 2020 Information

Election Results

Presidential Race: With 66% of the total 914 votes casted in this election, Neal Bhakta and Annie Counihan have won the Presidential and Vice Presidential Election!

Senator Race:

CLA: Bryce Plagman, Hannah Holmberg

LSBE: Parker Schultz

CEHSP: Hollin Rutledge

SCSE: Dannah Nephew, Gunnar Frahm

Representatives at Large: Alex Moe, Bailey Loso, Daksha Gummadi, Delaney Anderson, Eli Sailer-Haugland, Faith Athman, Griffin Bryan, Isabel Dokhanchi, Luel Sleshi, Nam Nguyen, Riley Tuft, Shireen Golban

Director and Executive applications due March 6th