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Working to End Systemic Racism

In the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd, we must speak up and out loud against anti-Black racism and in support of Black colleagues in the staff, faculty and most importantly our students.

We are speaking out against the pandemic of systemic racism that has existed for hundreds of years and is evident in the daily lives of Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) on our campus. Our students experience racism, microaggressions, discrimination, and harassment.

We must find a way forward and we, as leaders in Student Life at UMD, acknowledge the power that comes with our roles and the privileges our various majority identities provide us. Using that power and privilege, we commit ourselves and our units to ongoing and consistent action, including but not limited to:

  • Doing the work to understand systemic racism as well as our own biases and perspectives.
  • Listening to our students to gain their perspectives and learn their priorities for change and areas of greatest opportunity.
  • Reviewing policies and procedures from an inclusive lens.
  • Educating students with majority identities about their privilege and help them develop anti-racist approaches.

We will - we must - do better. Each of the commitments above must lead to meaningful change and action.

We have clearly heard from our students that they want more than words. Therefore, as we make this statement, we have created a website where we will publish action steps from across Student Life. We will also report on progress made. We do this in order to hold ourselves accountable and to be accountable to our students. We have also created a form for input and feedback from our students and we will synthesize what we receive and share it on this site.

Toni Christensen, Director, Office of Budget and PersonnelMatt Duffy, Director, Alumni RelationsJeni Eltink, Director, Kirby Student Center
Laura Haffield, Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice ChancellorBetsy Helgesen, Director, Dining ServicesKatie Jackson, Director, Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Pat Keenan, Director, Student Life OperationsJill Kolodzne, Director, Career and Internship ServicesJeremy Leiferman, Director, Housing and Residence Life
Mick McComber, Director, Recreational Sports Outdoor ProgramEmily Norenberg, Director, Disability ResourcesSusana Pelayo Woodward, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Jeff Romano, Director, UMD Stores, Print Services, U CardCorbin Smyth, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student LifeDavid Worley, MD, Director, Health Services
Lisa Erwin, Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Dean of Students

Champ’s Cupboard
Health Services/Counseling
Office of Diversity and Inclusion Guidance and Resources for Supporting BIPOC
Report Campus Climate Incident