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Academic Link - January 2019

students studying at a table
January 7, 2019

With the close of the fall semester your student has completed their first semester of college.  The winter break is a great time for students to recharge their batteries and take some time to reflect on the past semester.  Fall grades are posted for students to view.  The winter break is also a great time for you to get an update on what your student accomplished this fall semester.  How did their classes go?  Did they learn to do laundry?  Or other things that they have accomplished in their first semester.  This will allow you see how your student grew and give you a chance to celebrate their successes. 

If there are any questions about your student’s academics then they should be encouraged to contact their academic advisor.  Collegiate advising offices are open during winter break and professional advisors are available for in-person, phone or email communications. 

Does your student have concerns regarding academic warning or probation? Again, encourage them to talk to us. Each collegiate unit has varying warning and probation policies. We would be happy to clarify these for your student.

Have a great winter break.